Chocolate Chip Pie

Probably a lot of you who I know in real life know that my mom and I make chocolate chip pies for a lot of occasions, and you also know that it tastes really, really good (not to brag or anything, but everyone who's tried it LOVES it!). We're not the type of family that keeps 'secret' recipes, we just give them out. So here's the recipe for Chocolate Chip Pie if you ever want to make one, it's very easy too! So here is what you do....

1) Melt 1 stick of margarine (or butter) for 1 minute
2) 1/2 cup of flour
3) 1/4 teaspoon of salt
4) 1 cup of sugar
5) Stir the top 4 ingredients together
6) Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla + 2 eggs
7) Stir in 6 oz. of chocolate chips (NOT dark chocolate).
8) Bake for 30 minutes at 350

I hope that if you try this recipe you'll like it! If you make one, comment and tell me how it turned out!!! I know that my two other best friends Beth and Breanna have tried it and it tasted DELICIOUS!!!!! Happy Blogging!

-A.G. :D :O :)


  1. ok no offence,but you need something more fun and exciting its cool to see stuff you like and not about kiley or whatever the world wants to no who you are not her.

    -prissy's perfect page

  2. Yea, this is the best pie I've ever had. Thank you so much for making it for me !!!!

  3. That is extremly rude! I don't even like the name of her blog!

  4. Sounds sooo delicious! I will have to try it and i'll let you know what my girls think!

    ...and don't let people's rude comments bother you. Jesus loves you for who you are. Don't ever forget that!


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