Adam-Hater Free Zones!

Hello again! OK, for those of you that are Adam Lambert Lovers and who wish that he won, and you are NOT an Adam hater and want an 'Adam Lambert-Hater Free zone;' start copying and pasting down here to put this on your blog:

Adam rocks; he's a great singer, performer, and entertainer. This blog is an Adam Lambert- Hater Free Zone! I'm not a fan of Kris; but a fan of Adam! Go Adam; and remember...This is an Adam Lambert-Hater Free Zone!

Ok then! Just copy and paste THAT into your post and then.....publish your post!


  1. Can I still visit? I don't hate him, he's just not my style...

  2. Okay,
    Yea, I'm with Madeleine, can I still visit your blog??

  3. Hopefully the mean Adam-Haters will disappear (POOF)! But the nice Adam-Haters can stay, right?
    *Adam is awesome!*


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