Change of Plans

Well as most of you know, my family and I have wanted to foster a baby (and hope to adopt) straight from the hospital like Jessica Beaver has done. My mom and dad have already finished the fostering class 'Love Links.' I know it sounds like a dating service, but it really is a foster agency. But now, we have a slight change of plan. Instead of fostering a baby, we are going to take in an exchange-student in August. His name is Sung-ji (if that's how you spell it!). Sung-ji is 15 years old, and he will be living with us the whole school year and he is from Korea. So instead of transforming our TV room into a nursery, it will be like a regular bedroom. I am half excited and half weirded out in a way. It will be odd because there will be yet another teenager living in the house who I don't know. But it will be interesting because we can learn about his culture...maybe we'll learn if he eats cat or not. Who knows how it will turn out? Maybe it will be horrible, and maybe it will be great. Weeeeeell.....happy blogging!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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