GO ADAM!!!!!

OMG! I really, really, REALLY hope that Adam makes it into the finale! I tried to vote for him, but after dialing about twenty five times, it was still busy. It's a great sign that it's busy though because that my friends, means that LOTS of people out there are voting for him. Sorry all you Kris fans, but Kris will totally be eliminated tomorrow after Danny and Adam's performances tonight!!!!!! GO ADAM!!!!! Happy Blogging and keep voting for Adam!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. This REALLY surprised me Anna! Kris and Danny's lines were all busy too! I guess the whole entire land of American is voting! I only got through to them both about 6 times, but that was it! And then after that everyoene was STILL voting. It's a good sign for all of them, because I think that they all did really well last night, even Adam :)
    Your BFFFL,


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