Girls Night!

Well, before I tell you all about what I did last night, let me first say, sorry I didn't do 'Avatar Fun!' I literally had NO time to do it because first I had school which took up so whole morning, after cramming in a math lesson I had to baby-sit for four hours, and after that we had a girls night with my two other BFFs! So I have decided to change 'Avatar Fun! Friday' to 'Silly Avatar! Saturday.'

So last night after Mom picked me up from baby-sitting Li Li, we headed over to Beth and Breanna's house (after getting caught up in a ton of traffic). We started off making delicious homemade pizzas topped with extra cheese, we watched Hotel For Dogs which I must say is a GREAT movie! After the movie was over we talked for a while, ate more food, and while my Mom, Lynn (their mom), and Breanna looked at photo albums for probably an hour, Beth and I did each others nails and talked about just life (not the game). Oh and we also decided to have some fun and impersonate Demi Lavato.

What we did last, was watch yet another movie (Yay!!!), which was Legally Blonds. It was cute, but Hotel For Dogs was much better we all thought. As you can tell, we had a ton of fun last night!!! Soooooo.......Happy Blogging!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. Amen Sista,
    that was the best movi night ever


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