A Survey!!!

Howdy people! I got this survey from Emily Grace's blog. Some other people have copied and pasted this survey on their blog, so I thought that I would join the fun!

1. How many siblings do you have? 1 brother, and maybe an extra sibling next year!

2. Do you like the Jonas Brothers? No way! They are such sissies/hippies and their jeans are too tight!!!

3. Do you love to talk on the phone? OMG I LOVE talking on the phone! I talk 40 minutes a day to my friend!!!

4. If you could ever sing a duet, who would it be with? Adam Lambert of course!

5. How many towns have you lived in? Two!

6. How do you calm yourself when you're angry? Go to my room and lie down.

7. What's your favorite music genre? Pop/Christian/Rock/Celtic

8. How often do you cry? Maybe two or three times a month...if I'm having a bad school day, every hour or so.


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