My Friday Night!

Wow, I had so much fun last night/today! My BFF Kiley came over and spent the night. Let's see, yesterday we went to Four Seasons Mall and shopped, played American Girl dolls, made barbie horror movies (with a headless grandpa ken doll), pretended my American Girl doll was married (and 25) and we videoed the baby birth, and last but not least; we ended on powdered doughnuts before we went to bed (how nutritious). Oh and I also taped up a ken doll and threw him out my window. Don't we just sound like normal girls having a sleepover? Yea, I didn't think so either...lol. I will try to get the barbie horror movie (which is very horrifying) on my blog this afternoon or evening. Beware, it is kind of dark, but hopefully you will be able to see it all without the darkness. You can see pretty well through a good bit of it, but maybe not all of it unless you happen to have night vision. Happy Blogging!



  1. LOL! Sounded like you had fun. I would love to see the Barbie horrow movie LOL! xD

  2. Cool! Shopping, Barbie horror movies, and powedered doughnuts before bed! What more can you ask? LOL


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