We say Good-bye to Allison

Well last night was the night one of the four would be voted off....and sadly that person was Allison. I was shocked when they voted Allison off and not Kris or Danny! I honestly thought that Danny would be voted off after America found out Kris was safe, after all Danny did sound like a parrot at the end of his performance. Allison so should have been in the top three!

I would rather have Kris voted off than even Danny because Kris is too plain and too boring. I think that why Kris is continuing to stay in the competition, is because mainly teenage girls think that he's cute and his little voice pleases them. Kris really needs to go next. I really can't see him being the next American Idol.

Even though Allison was voted off, she will most likely make a great record deal and have a ton of fans. Allison was a great role model too because she never dressed skimpy, and she never sang things with dirty lyrics. She did wear some tight things and a few things that were a teensy low cut, but nothing major. I describe her as Kelly Clarkson but more conservative.

Happy Blogging and keep voting for Adam!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Whaaat??? Kris is AMAZING!! Gokey needs to go. I wish he had gone and not Allison. He is not nearly as good as Kris or Adam, especially not Adam!! I think Kris and Adam will be in the final two and Adam will DOMINATE!!

  2. It's too bad that Allison was kicked off! I thought she was great. :(

  3. Yea,
    It sad that was kicked off.:( I thought she a GREAT voice for a 16 year old. But, I like Kirs. I think he could win. I think he's cute ( not like OMg he's SOOO cute!!) like a little puppy dog! Like David Archuleta!! But, David Archuleta lost. LOL wOw ThAt CoMmEnt WaS LonG!LOL


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