1. My favorite word is _____: Prettiful
2.I would love to live in a ___ : fairly large house in Beverly Hills!
3.My favorite song is _____: Ummm....Please Don't Stop the Music and Mercy (Duffy)
4. ___ What always makes me cry.: When I have a bad school day
5. The month of my birthday is _____: June 13th (I'll be 13 this year!!!!)
6.On the weekends I always _____: stay on the computer, and every now and then go...somwhere...:)
7. My BFF is ____: Kiley, Beth, and Breanna (I have THREE BFFs!)
8.I wish I was ____: an actress/model (Which I hope will happen after Mom emails an agency!!!)
9. I ___ this survey.: LOVE
10. My signature smiley is ___ : ~A.G.~ :D :O :)

I copied and pasted the survey from Emily Grace's Blog! If you would like to do this survey, then simply copy, paste, and type in your own answers! If you want to visit Emily Grace's Blog (where I got the survey) click here


  1. Awesome!! :D I'll have to do one.

  2. Good luck at the art show tonight!! See ya there!! :D

  3. 1. My favorite word is: Awesome!

    2.I would love to live in: Spain

    3.My favorite song is: (right now i am digging) Too late to apologize by Timbaland

    4. What always makes me cry: thinking about something bad happening to my kiddos or my hubby

    5. The month of my birthday is: September (i'll be 31 this year)

    6.On the weekends I always: Clean my house, go to church and make a delicious breakfast for my family

    7. My BFF is: Janie

    8.I wish I was: Super mom...i need more energy than a normal mom usually has!

  4. Cool! I like the last answer the best. :D

  5. I love your blog!!!!!! Have fun at the beach!!!!!


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