B-day Party Pics!

Hi everyone again! These are some pics from my B-day party I had this past Thursday. I invited my three BFF's; Kiley, Beth, and Breanna. I just wanted to invite a few friends over to celebrate. Here's what we did: When we all got to my house, we changed into our swimsuits, got towels and other swim necessities, and then went to a pool that my family and I are members of. After swimming for about an hour we ordered pizza, ate and went back to swimming. Once we were done with swimming, we loaded the clan back up in the van and went back to my house to watch the movie Miss Congeniality. After that Beth and Breanna had to go home and Kiley and I attempted to sleep out in the tent...but let's just say we didn't even make it into the tent. We had all of our 'etc' in it, but once we saw a beetle attached to the door and then a wolf spider crawled in it.....we decided it would be best to sleep 'indoors'. I hate bugs; don't you? Well happy Saturday and enjoy the pics! They are in a kind of random order but...oh well!

Me (dot dress), Beth (sitting beside me), Breanna (Beth's sister), and Kiley (yellow shirt); watching Miss Congeniality

My B-day party cake! (Compliments of my mom)

Wow! My hair was wet! We just got back from swimming when this was taken.

Blowing out the candles

Group picture at the pool!

Kiley getting ready to jump off the diving board

Whoa! Breanna jumped HIGH off of the board. I don't see how Mom took this RIGHT when she jumped! :D

The gifts I opened from Beth and Breanna

The gifts I opened from Kiley

Getting ready to open up the gifts!


  1. Your birthday party sounded like soooooo much FuN!!! It's good to have just a few people at a party instead of a gazillion so that no one feels left out. I tried to have a few people over for my last birthday, instead I had ten (including me, not my parents). Usually, my friends are all busy and about 2 or 3 come. So this year, I invited 14 people, and 9 of them came!
    That cake looks so very, very, very, very, very, very, very........GOOD!!

  2. man I did not know you were turning that old I hope the movie was good. Happy late b-day.

  3. Hey, no I didn't get a haircut, it's an old picture. Hope you are having a good summer so far!


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