Silly Avatar! Saturday

Well, you all know what it's time for! Yep, that's right....Silly Avatar! Saturday. This Saturday's Silly Avatar is (drum roll please)......Lady Ga Ga!


  1. hey anna grey this is cody thanks for commeting on my blog and by the way that silly avatar was pretty silly.

  2. Yea,
    I saw Fred Cooks for Judy!! LOL I watch that one ALOT! Nice avatar, Lady Ga Ga..... Have you ever seen Fred gos to the park?? He is super young in that one!! But It is soooooooooo funny!!!!

  3. I glanced at the picture and I knew it was her right away. She's very...... odd. On American Idol she had that zipper over her eye.
    Fred was nominated for Best Web Star in the Teen Choice Awards. I voted SOOOO many times. I hope he wins!


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