Das Not Funny! Friday: Sarcasm & Laaame

Hello everyone! Well, I have never done a Das Not Funny! Friday before; but I have something funny to share with you all. If you want to know more about Das Not Funny! Friday then go to Jessica's blog.

Just leave it to my family to teach our cousins new words. When we teach them a new word, let's just say they like to use it A LOT.

So, while we were at Folly Beach last week, we were leaving from a restaurant called 'Sticky Fingers'; it was my Mom, Dad, my brother Drake, my cousin Rachael (seven years old), and me in the van. While we were riding somebody said something being being sarcastic and they said "I was being sarcastic." So that's how it all began...

Rachael: "What does sarcastic mean?"

Mom: "Well, sarcasm is like if somebody saw a teeny tiny dog and they said "Wow that dog is huge," but it really wasn't. That is an example of sarcasm."

Rachael: "Ohhhh...so it would be like if I said "My dad's back and belly is not hairy at all."

Short silence and pause....slight laughter.
So, after we explained to Rachael what sarcasm was, she definitely caught onto it very quickly...and in a hysterical way.

Since we had explained it to her, from then on to the end of vacation Rachael would say "Saaaa-arrcasm" if she was being sarcastic. Here is one thing she said:

Rachael: "Wow my drawing is really pretty and good.....saaa-arrcasm."

It was so funny!
Not only did Rachael crack us all up by saying "saaa-arrrcasm," but Seth her brother (age five) got taught the word 'lame'.

The day after we taught Rachael 'sarcasm,' Drake (my brother) taught Seth the word 'lame'. Before you read the dialogue, just know that Seth can't say his 'r's' yet.

Seth: "Dwake you ah laaame, and these chips ah laaame."

Well, I know that part of Das not Funny Friday was kind of laaame...saa-arrcasm. ;O Ok, ok, ok, I know that was cheesy. That's all for today everyone! Happy Blogging!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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