1) Who are your three favorite music artists? Adam Lambert, Duffy, & Rihanna

2) What's your favorite color? Aqua!

3) What is your favorite reality TV show? American Idol

4) Where do you want to live when you grow up? Hmmm..I wonder ;)...CALIFORNIA!!!

5) Are you a meat lover or are you grossed out by it? I LOVE meat, but sometimes when I think what I'm really eating...I want to throw up

6) What are your favorite two animals? Bunny & hamster!

7) Are you tall, short, or average height? Well, a lot of people say I'm very short for my age; but my parents say I'm average height

8) What was probably your most exciting moment? Opening up American Idol tickets!!!

9) If you had a choice between eating raw frog or massaging a man's feet that had long yellow toenails, and warts all over it, which would you do? Could I skip out on both?

10) Take your pick: traveling to the Bahama's or doing modeling shoots in California? Modeling shoots in Cali!

Well that's it for that survey! Feel free to copy and paste this and then fill it out! Happy Blogging!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. So your parents ARE rather young. I didn't think your mom had passed 40...she looks real good! :D

    So how does your mom enjoy homeschooling you? How do YOU like being homeschooled?
    I have entertained the idea for awhile with the girls.
    My best friend homeschools her boys. She wasn't sure she could do it at first, but after over a year of making it work, she loves it.

    I just dunno if i would have the patience.

    Is your brother homeschooled as well?

    Oh yeah, and remember: if you move to So. Cal one day, you might just miss your family too much. It's awfully far from North Carolina. I think i'd be sad if i wasn't close to my family and wasn't able to visit them frequently.

    Modeling sounds great, but it can leave you feeling empty (unless you remember to stick strong to your faith in Jesus. Have you heard about Miss California and all that's been going on with her? Have your mom do a google search if you are not aware of what's been going on.)

    She is a beautiful young lady who grew up knowing and loving the Lord, ended up winning the Miss California title and after some controversial questions, they de-throned her. But she stuck to her values. She didn't let ANYONE change her thinking.
    It's important to ALWAYS stay true to yourself. Trust your mom and dad, because they want what's best for you!

  2. Well, California is ready for you!! :D I'm waiting...LOL


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