Bible School...Day 3

Whew! Bible school is fun, but it can be pretty tiring. I have no idea if you are sick to death tired of reading funny stories about VBS or not; but even if you are, here is a pretty hilarious one from today.

So today I went to my station (the leather working) and my friend Beth, of course, went to her wreath working station (about two feet away where I am). A little while into VBS these two cute girls came to do some leather working. Their names were Brianna (pronounced Bri-AH-na) and the other one's name was Mary-Kate. The conversation with them was pretty funny. It all started when Beth said, "I'm married and have four children." Remember for once again, this is ACTING; if we were living in bible times, we really could be married anyway. So, enjoy the conversation.

Me (after Beth said "I'm married with four children"): "Yes, and I'm engaged."

The two girls look shocked with wide eyes.

Mary-Kate: "Uh, I think you have to be the age of twenty before your engaged or married."

Me: "Well, here in Rome, you start thinking about marriage when you're a little younger than I am. How old are you two?"

The girls: "We are nine."

Me: "Oh! So you could be engaged right now...are you?"

The girls: "No way!!!

Brianna: "Oh yea, what's your fiance's name?"

Bring it on missy.

Me: "My fiance's name is... (sudden mind blank...quickly think of biblical name) Daniel."

Brianna: "Well what's your husbands name?" (Brianna looks at Beth).

Beth: "My husband's name is Thace." (Lucky you Beth; you had time to think and get a cool name).

Mary-Kate: "Well, what are your kids names?"

Beth quickly thinks.

Beth: "My kids are named Thace after my husband, Daniel after her fiance (she is talking about my man), Claudia after me, and Rizpah since she's my best friend."

A.K.A. Her last child is named after me; I feel honored.

Mary-Kate: "Do you have any kids?"

Me: "No, remember, I am engaged."

Brianna: "Well where's your engagement ring?"

Me: "Oh, we don't have engagement rings here in Rome."

Brianna: "I see you have earrings though."

Me: "Oh yes, my husband is a jeweler...he made them for me."

There is a lot more dialogue; but since your retinas are probably already bleeding from reading so much, I think I will stop.

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. That is too funny. way to think on your feet. VBS is so fun! Enjoy everyday!


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