A Rather Busy Day...

Hola readers! I have been busy all day...literally. This morning I woke up at 7:00 and had to leave for bible school at 8:30. After two hours of bible school and funny kids (I will tell a few stories about them later), I babysat a cute Chinese girl named Li Li (who you have most likely heard me post about before). After babysitting Li Li for about six hours out at a local pool, I came home, ate supper, and then my mom took my brother and me to the pool we're members of. I feel so good now because I have had a shower. Think about it; if you had a day of bible school not INDOORS; but OUTDOORS, babysitting out at the pool for six hours, and then swimming again, I think you'd definitely want a nice warm shower.

So, today I had about four boys (the age of about 7 & under) to come make leather bracelets (still remember I am having to stay in character when you read the dialogue in a second). While the boys were sitting down, this one really got my attention because of his black converse with skeletons on them and his gloves where his fingers stuck through with pictures of fire on them (this is a 6 year old people!). Here is how the conversation went....

Me: "Hi there you guys! Would you like to make a leather bracelet?"

The boys come have a seat.

Me (as I look at these shoes): "So what kinds of shoes are you wearing? I don't see these odd shoes here in Rome. Also, what do you call these things you are wearing on your hands?" (we can't know anything modern from today).

The boy: "Uh, these are shoes and these are gloves."

Me: "What do the 'gloves' do? I have never seen them in Rome."

The boy: "Gloves keep your hands warm in the winter time."

Then another boy gets into the conversation.

The 'other boy': Have you heard of TV?"

Me: " A TV?! What in the world is a TV?! I have never heard of such a thing like that."

The 'other' boy: "Well, it's sorta like a box and it flashes and has pictures on it."

Me: "Wow! That sounds pretty cool."

The first boy: "Have you ever heard of Disney World?"

Me: " Disney World? What is Disney World?"

The first boy: "It's this place that has rides."

Wow! I had a TON of questions. I think the boys in VBS are the funniest. It's so much fun acting like I have no clue what modern things are. :)

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. Cute story! Sounds like you had a super fun but fun day!!!


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