Das Not Funny! Friday...

Hello everyone! Today I am posting a Das Not Funny! Friday. If you want to know all of the rules and 'stuff' for Das Not Funny, then simply click here and that will take you to Jessica Beaver's blog (she started Das Not Funny).

So last Friday was the last day of the backyard VBS I was helping at; and two siblings came home with us after it was over. One was my brother Drake's friend Keaton (age 12), and then Keaton's younger sister, Maison (age 7). Of course, Maison wanted to play with me in my room with 'barbies'. As we were playing barbies she looked up at me and said, (here goes the dialogue):

Maison: "Did you know that a monster lives under everyone's bed?"

Me (trying not to laugh): "Monsters don't live under people's beds...that's just silly."

Maison (looking very serious): "Uh, yea they do....and that monster is Jesus."

Me (laughing): "Maison, Jesus isn't a monster."

Maison: "Yea he is. He's really big and monsters are really big."

Me: "But that doesn't mean he's a monster."

Well, that's all for today (I think). Happy Blogging and happy Friday everyone!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. Too cute. Atleast he knows that Jesus is really really BIG!


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