Wow! It's a big thing for me to do 2 posts in 1 day! So we'll call today a '2 in 1' blog day! How 'bout that?

Well, if you have or haven't already noticed, I have a 'blogoversary' button on my sidebar! I got the idea to put one up because I saw it on Mimi Dorn's blog. Anyway, my Blogoversary is in 8 days and I was thinking about doing a giveaway to celebrate it. Even though I don't think I actually 'created' California For Life July 31st; I know I created 'a blog' July 31st; so whether it was created then or not, we'll just say California For Life was born that day. If any of you readers would like a Blogoversary button, then simply click here. It is so incredibly simple to get a button.

Anyway, about the giveaway. I have been wanting to do a giveaway because I think it would be a fun thing to do. I have gotten the ideas from blogs such as: Veronica's, Mimi's, Amanda's, Jennifer's, & Kristen's.

By entering the giveaway, you have to know that if you win it, your address will be required. But, so no one except me can see it, you can email it to me (My email is on my profile page).

For the giveaway there will only be one winner. Maybe for my 200th post giveaway I will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. I also had the idea of letting the prize be something North Carolinaish. I had that idea from Veronica when she did her 100th post giveaway.

Weeeeell, happy Blogging everyone!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Oh cool!! xD I can't wait fro the contest.
    OMG first comment!

  2. A giveaway sounds like lots of fun. You can for sure count me in! It will be fun to see what you'll be giving away. I have never been to NC, so I have no clue what you guys are know for.

  3. Happy early Blogversary!! No, I not much of a model type. :)


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