First Day of Bible School

Wow! What an exiting and fun day I had earlier! Today was the first day this summer of a backyard bible school. This lady who's house I babysit at each Monday is having a bible school in her backyard/another lady's backyard! It is so cool. This years theme is 'Paul & the Underground Church'. We were going to start it yesterday; but let's just say it poured down rain and we had to cancel. So instead, we started it today. Let me give you the details of it. Ahem. Well first off, we have to dress Roman because it is supposed to take place in 'Rome'.

So, today we got to Becky's house (that's the lady's name) and we got on costumes and got things together. Then, my friend, Beth and I went down to another lady's house because that's where all of the stores were. I was/am in charge of doing the leather working; and Beth is in charge of making wreaths that go around the kids' heads. The stores were things such as the leather working and wreathe making, toga (a.k.a. robes), there was something like a bakery (where the kids had their snacks), wood working, and scroll making. It is so cool, because the market area was all on this lady's porch/below her porch.

Before the kids came to the 'market area', they would go to their 'families' for the bible school. The families have a grown up leader and a name for the family, and then a whole bunch of kids. So today, my mom had 10 kids. These aren't their real families if you are confused. Just remember, these are their 'bible school families'.

Whoever has a store in the market area has to act...a.k.a. stay in 'character'. My name for bible school is 'Rizpah' and Beth's is 'Claudia'. Believe me, I had a note card FULL of things to say...and I had my script. It was so funny, because when some girls came over for the leather working, I was telling them how the Romans found leather and how it was made. But when I told how it was made this one girl said, "That sure would hurt the animals." Kids are so funny. For my part for bible school, not only am I a leather worker; but I am a Jew and NOT a christian. LOL! How about that?! For apart of my 'staying in character' I asked this one girl if she had many God followers where she lived and let's just say she was thoroughly confused. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: "So do you have many God followers where you live?"

The girl; "I have no idea what you're talking about (pause)...what do you mean?"

Me: "Are their people who follow this God who I have heard people talking about??"

The girl: "I still don't know what you're talking about."

So after that, I decided not to ask that anymore. LOL. Kids make me laugh when it comes to bible school.

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. Oh how fun! That sounds so neat. You are so funny about the conversation with the little girl :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment earlier too!


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