Winner of the Poll

As a bunch of you know/knew I had a poll up to see whether people wanted to visit Hawaii or California. So, here is the winner........HAWAII!!!! I had 10 votes in all; and Hawaii had 6 votes and California had 4.

Happy Blogging and be sure to look out for the next poll on my sidebar!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Very cool Hawaii is so beautiful! Nothing better than their sky! So blue!

  2. AG,
    Okay I have to tell you something. If you live in Thomasville, in the Walmart Hair Salon, they need models for the Hair Salon catalog and stuff like that!! It's free and you just have to be in by July 28th. You should go in a couple days before so you could get some info about it. I though you know, you wanna be a model and all.

  3. :P
    Oh well...California is my fave 'cause it's my home xD


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