A Very Strange Evening Walk...

Hey all. Ok, we had a very strange walk this evening. Here's what happened...

So about forty five minutes ago, we were walking around the U shape in our neighborhood. As we were walking up this huge road hill, this man from a house on the corner of the street yells to my mom, "Hey! HEY! HEEEEY!" So we all trail over to say, "HEY!" to this man we have spoken to once or twice. This man starts asking us questions like "Where does your husband preach?" (he speaks to my dad occasionally and knows these things) and "Where do you go to school?" and "How old are you?" Well then, he asks us, "Do any of y'all play any instruments?" So I answer, "Yes, I play the piano." Ok people, I really should NOT have answered that question. So then he says to us, "Hey, come o'er here. Come ere." (It was my Mom, brother and me who were talking to this man). So we dumbly follow him down the driveway. Of course, by then, my eyes are about to pop out of my skull because I don't know WHAT THE HECK is going on here.

So he looks for his wife and is all like, "Margaret! Margaret? MARGARET!!!" He looks in his truck and she is nowhere. So then we see this lady come out from their house and it was his wife. She is friendly enough so we introduce ourselves and she offers us ice cream (Um...thanks...but no thanks).

Then the lady wanders off outside and the man tells us to follow him into their BASEMENT!!! Remember readers, we don't even really KNOW these folks! We have only spoken to them once or twice.

By then Mom, my brother and I are about to freak out (I am freaking out, just not letting it show) and all I can think of is, "OH MY GOSH! I hope he doesn't attack us!" I was freaking out people, FREAKING OUT! So we look at his fancy instruments, pianos, TV and movie posters. Then he shows us this little room in his basement where he does some recording. Trust me, we did NOT even THINK about going in by then. When he showed us this, that was it for me; so I just politely said to everyone, "I really have to go because I need to get ready for bed." So then, we leave. Phew!

After we make it out onto the road again, Mom keeps telling us how dumb she was to even let us go in. We all didn't know what to say when he invited us in. They were nice and all...but in a very strange manner.

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Wow! That's really creepy! No, I don't have a 4-wheeler!! It was one of our church members and he said he would let me drive it!!

  2. Oh my that would be so terrifying. Wow. Glad everything turned out ok.

  3. That is so strange! Why do you think he was so interested in showing you that stuff? Creepy.....be careful!!! I'm glad you made it out safely!

  4. What a freak!
    He shouldn't be inviting people into his basement like that...the house is one thing but a BASEMENT...
    Also, no matter how nice they may seem, they could be freaks you just never know...*shudders* LOL


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