Hi friends! The shows for Cinderella are going GREAT except for last night when a fake pumpkin fell in the orchestra pit and nobody is messing up (at least from what I can see). Sadly, today is our last performance. I really, really, really wish that we could do shows for the whole week! Seriously. I would love that. We had a show on Friday at 7:00pm and I got a star signed from my family (my grandparents, parents, brother, Seung Gi, aunt, uncle, and cousins ALL came to see the show on Friday) and afterwards my aunt, uncle, and cousins gave me a huge bouquet of very pretty flowers (pics will be posted later). Yesterday, we had two shows. We had one at 3:00, and one at 7:00 (we enjoyed pizza and lemonade between shows).

For the 3:00 show, I got two stars....wait a second...I haven't mentioned what a star is yet. Ok, so there is a stand in the lobby called 'Stars for the Stars' and what they are, is a paper shaped star and people buy them for $1 and write a good luck note or something on it for a family member or friend who's in the play. The people deliver it to the dressing room the friend or family member is in, and then you tape it to the mirror and read it. So anyway, for the 3:00 show, I got two stars (one from my friend who is already in the play, and one from somebody unknown...there was no signature). Then for the 7:00 show, my mom got me a star and a rose. It is always so much fun getting stuff delivered!

Well, I will make sure to have pics and that kind of 'stuff' posted soon! Today our show is at 2:00 (or either 3:00), so I better get off the computer and start getting ready.

~Anna Gray~ xoxo


  1. Break-A-Leg. Sure wish we could see the show.

  2. How neat! I'm glad you've been having so much fun! Follow your dreams, Anna!! I'm very proud of you and I can't wait to see your pictures :)

  3. YAY!!!
    That sounds great!

    I would feel so special getting those stars...i love when someone takes the time and effort to leave a little note.
    (My hubby likes to do that for me and i always feel so blessed!)

  4. OMG!!! Congratulations on the stars!!! Good luck on your performance!! :D


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