Late Update & Some Pics

Hi friends! Sorry I haven't been posting lately. It's just I have been really busy lately (my usual excuse). But now that I have a chance to, I have some pics from the show for you all to see!

~~~~~~Tech Week Pictures~~~~~~

After the Friday night show, Bailey (yellow shirt), Kiley (long blond hair), and I headed over to Don Juan's (a really nice Mexican restaurant) to hang out and eat, while their parents/my mom talked at the table across from us.

Bailey (poofy hair) and me in our villager costumes...I guess for me my cheese merchant costume. Please ignore my bad posture

Kiley (she was a hand maiden) and me.


Rikki (green dress with white lace sleeves), Emily Grace (gray dress), Lindsey (green dress) and me (guess who). :)

Me in my extremely lacy pink ballroom gown

Let's go around the circle starting with me. Me, Lindsey, Carly (the other cheese merchant), Bailey, and Kiley (sort of lying down).

In the village selling cheese with Carly. :0)

At the ball!

Waltzing with Quentin

The finale!!!

So those are the many tech week pics that Mom took (people aren't supposed to take pics during the actual 'show nights'). Now, here are the pics Mom took after the show.

~~~~~~After the Show~~~~~~

Carson (blue sleeves), me, and Cassie. We were all in the village and in the ballroom scene.

Emily Grace and me!!! :) :) :)

~~~~~~With the Main Characters~~~~~~

Marissa Drake (one of the two stepsisters) and me.

Jennifer Pettigrew (the other stepsister)

Jenna Hockanson (the stepmother) and me. She is soooooooo nice!!!

Hannah Hedrick (Cinderella) and me. She is so cute and tiny and she's 15!!!


  1. Oh how fun. now I am sad that the girls chose not to audition this time for beauty and the beast. Looks like the show was fun. Cute costumes.

  2. I LOVE your pink ballroom gown.
    It's beautiful!

    And you look so great! What fun...

  3. OMG! You looked like you had an AWESOME time!! That reminds me of when in elementary we would do the Nutcracker every year...I was always a mouse:)

  4. I LUV all of the costumes, they are sooo awzum!!! So it sounds like the play was sooooooooooooooooo fun and aWzUm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just want to add the :D to my last comment! So :D


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