Hi friends! Yesterday I decided I wanted to do a giveaway, so.....I'm going to do one! The prize is coconut & lemon grass scented lotion and body spray from Avon. Avon is one of my most favorite stores because I buy almost all of my makeup products from there, and plus Avon lotions have GREAT scents! Here is a picture of the prize...

Anyone is welcome to enter (whether you read my blog or not)...guys....you can enter if you just LOVE the smell of coconut & lemongrass...but unless you want a feminine aroma....I wouldn't enter...I think this giveaway is more for girls/women. :)

Sooooo...all you have to do to enter is....COMMENT! Yep, that's it. I will draw the name of the winner next Sunday. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to me with their address...but if I don't hear from them through my email (sunshinegirl101@triad.rr.com) in that 48 hours...I will draw another name! So get hoppin', you all only have one week to enter! :0)

Last night my mom, her friend Jenny, and I went over to our friends, the Winzes house last night to have a girls night! It was so much fun! We started the night off by making these delicious home made pizzas, and watching the hilarious movie: 13 going on 30. It was such a cute movie!!! Later we played Taboo, Beth, Breanna (the daughters) and I made up a dance and 'performed it for Jenny, Mrs. Winze, and my mom (we LOOOVE goofing off!). Here are some pics of last night.......

My mom (green shirt) and Mrs. Winze

Jenny (navy colored outfit), Breanna, Beth (holding bunny ears up to my head), and me!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!

~Anna Gray~ ♥

P.S. No, Beth & Breanna are not twins...they are two years apart Beth is 14 and Breanna is 12. :0)


  1. I love coconut smelling lotions! That sounds wonderful! How fun!

  2. Hey Anna! The lotion and body spray look awesome! I bet they smell good, too. It looks like you had fun with Beth and Breanna. TTYL!


  3. Thanks for popping by. I am not getting your updates in my dashboard. Hmmm I wonder why? I am still following you. Weird. Looks like you all had a fun night. Cool that the moms hang out too. Love you new profile picture.

  4. Wow! That's so cool how you're hosting another giveaway. :) Count me in!

    Isn't it awesome that American Idol is on again?? :D

  5. Hey Anna! Right now I am writing you a comment off of my Wii. We just found out how to get internet on it and so yay! PS How is Seung Gi? lol!!!!!!! :Æ


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