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So on Christmas night my whole fam (aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, my parents, my brother and I) went to my grandparents' house to celebrate. After opening gifts, chatting, and checking out our new stuff, Rachael (my cousin who's 7) had a fever and was crying upstairs in the room we'd be sharing. I went upstairs and here's what happened:

Me: "Rachael, what's wrong?"

Rachael (arms crossed, lip sticking out, and some tears): "I have a fever...I hate it when I get fevers!"

Me: "Yea, I hate getting fevers too. I had a fever for 10 days."

Rachael arms still crossed, lip still sticking out): "It just makes me so mad when I get a fever.......actually, I'm mad at GOD for making me have one."

Me: No response.


Rachael and Seth stayed a few days later in SC after the rest of the fam left, and Seth (5 yrs.) apparently didn't feel too good on his stomach.

Seth (in the midst of tears and telling my grandmother how his stomach felt): "My stomach huts and it's all my fawt!"

My grandmother: "Well Seth, how is it your fault?"

Seth: "Becawse I haven't been dwinking my juice ohr eating my fwuit!"

Ok, so even though I have told you guys this in an earlier post, I will post it again, since it is for Das Not Funny! Friday.
When we went to my aunt and uncle's house for New Year's Day, Seth and I were playing bowling on their Wii. Seth LOVES getting strikes and every time he would get ready to bowl I would hear him barely whisper:
"Pwease God, Pwease God." And when he did get a strike he said, "Dank you God!!!"
Here is the last funny for today...
When we went to my grandparents church when the whole fam celebrated Christmas with them a few weeks ago, after the service finished, Rachael looked at me and said, "Anna Gray, I could never stay mad at you."
Ok so maybe that one was more cute than funny...I guess it could be either one...or both. :0)
~Anna Gray~ ♥

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