On a Good Note...

End of year testing was actually FUN today! This is my first time actually testing with our home school group. The previous years (except for 2nd grade) we tested at home. I am so happy that they combined 7th & 8th graders too. I am with my awesome friends and our fabulous proctor, Renee Kennedy (a.k.a. Li Li's mom

Beth and Taylor,


and Emily Grace

are all testing in the room I'm in!!!! More of my friends are in the same room too, but sadly I don't have a pic of them! *sniffle*

Before we started testing, I led everyone in, The Macarena (which I must say, was very fun and hysterical).

Then I showed everyone how we warm up for choreography LYT style.

It was a good day.

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. Sounds like fun, Anna! :) Glad your testing day went well. Madison had her state tests yesterday and today too at school. Thanks for the compliments on my onesies....you're so sweet!

  2. Sweet! Today(Thrusday) is my final day of testing. Hurray!!!

    Great post.

  3. Ha Ha! You are awesome at teaching The Macarena!!! Your blog looks awesome!!! :)


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