Another URGENT Prayer Request!!!

* It turns out there were four people in the SUV. None of them were buckled, and the SUV flipped upside down because the driver of the SUV and another car were horsing around. So because of that, it flipped. The driver of the SUV passed away a few minutes ago, the passenger in the front was killed, and the two in the backseat were injured, but released from the hospital. Please be praying for the Driver and the passenger's families.


There was yet another wreck. As many of you know, my dad teaches at HPCA (High Point Christian Academy) and two of his students were in a car wreck at an intersection. The passenger in the front seat was killed, and the driver was airlifted. The student that was airlifted is actually our exchange student's best friend. This is like a total repeat of what happened Tuesday with the two girl's in that awful wreck.

Please, please, PLEASE be praying!!!


  1. That is awful, Anna! I will be praying!

  2. OMG, that's HORRIBLE!! OMG!!!! I will pray.


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