Special Olympics

A couple of weeks ago, my two friends (who are sisters) mom emailed my mom and told her that she and her girls were going to be helping with the Special Olympics. She was wondering if my mom and I were interested in helping, and so I thought I would give it a shot.

We went to the meeting for Special Olympics last Saturday, and what the lady said about mentally handicapped children, totally changed my perspective on them.

She said that actually everyone is disabled in something (even if it's not physically or mentally). But she said that mentally handicapped people are just like us, it just so happens to be that they are mentally disabled.

I have never even thought of mentally handicapped people like that. It's so true what she said about us being disabled in something too.


Tomorrow morning we will leave at 7:45 to head over to Central Davidson High to help with Special Olympics. I am getting so excited just thinking about it! This will probably be an experience I will never regret or forget.

I will try to remember to bring my mom's camera so we can take some pics and share them on my blog!

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