Welcome to Spartanwood!

If I can't go to Hollywood (yet)......Spartanwood......

is the next best thing.

Yep, 'Spartanwood' was the theme for Special Olympics this year. We had a BLAST! The kids were adorable too! The ages started from kids about 3 years alllll the way to people in their 70's. Mom and I were assigned to help with the 8-9 year old group.

They had a red carpet under that big black star. They all ADORED walking across it too. The athletes would give big smiles and wave to everyone.

Today they were Spartanwood stars. People in the crowd would reach their hands out for the athletes to touch it (like Hollywood stars do). There were even people in the front row with cameras snapping pictures as they walked by.

This theme was right up my alley!

My mom took this pic of my two friends and their mom, and me!

This is a pic of the groups going across the 'red carpet.' The principal of Central Davidson High School announced each school group and everyone clapped and cheered for them as they walked across the red carpet.

The crowd!

Mom and my two friends mom

The mentally handicapped boy between 'Spartacus' and the principal (in the white skirt) sang the National Anthem. He did a FABULOUS job too.

They did a torch run.

Mom and me

The athletes and their *buddies

*The buddies were the kids who go to Central Davidson High, and who were assigned an athlete to help them get from place to place. There were different age groups and the buddies and their athletes were a part of the group. Along with a bunch of other people, my mom and I walked along with a group to make sure everyone stayed together

This kid was too cute! This is hilarious what he said too....

Mom: "Oh I LOVE your glasses!"

The kid: "Thanks! You gotta to be a STAR to wear these!"

Hahaha! He cracked us up.

The 50 meter race.

The girl in the yellow shirt was hilarious too. During the 50 meter race, while I was clapping and cheering some of the athletes on, she came up to me, got my hands, and started clapping them for me! It was too funny! I guess I wasn't clapping fast enough, LOL!

Mom and I love this pic.

The 'Olympic Village'

I absolutely LOVED helping with Special Olympics and hope to help with it next year! We all had a great time and ended the day on some yummy mexican food from Don Juan's.

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. WOW that's so cool! Special Olymics sounds/looks great and it sounds from what you've told me that it'd be really fun, too! :)


  2. This is such a wonderful thing that you participated in and a wonderful cause. I love it. I sure wish i could have been there. What a blessing and what a fun day.

  3. I really admire you, Anna. You are such a selfless person, always looking to help others. You are truly an inspiration. Very few young people are so involved in charity; but you're always there front and center. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time helping out with the Special Olympics!! :)


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