The Teeny bit of Photography that's in me

Two weeks ago my two friends (the sistas) came over to my house and we thought it might be fun for me to take pictures of them. Sooo, that's just what we did! I had tons of fun editing them on picnik too. I thought the pictures turned about pretty well! Definitely not as great photography as Bekah, or Abigail, or Mimi, or Hannah or....must I be so negative?! I guess it just takes a lot of practice, huh? Well, hope you all enjoyed the slide show!

Also............ Be sure to watch American Idol tonight, because it is Idol Gives Back!


  1. Those turned out great. You really did a great job photographing them and editing. I am sure they will love them. Thanks for the compliment.

  2. Those pics r totally kewlio!!! U did an awzum job editing them! I use both photoshop and picnik to edit my photos, it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADDICTING!!!!!!! And fun, definitely fun. It looks like all of u had fun!! AWZUM PICS!


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