Guess WHAT?!

So my mom and I have been talking about me taking acting lessons. I'm very interested in acting, and would like to get a good feel of what it's like. Things like musical theatre have helped me get a fairly good feel of what it's like. So far, I have done two plays for musical theatre. I did The Wizard of Oz in 2008,  Cinderella in 2009, and I will be trying out for The Music Man in August.

Back on track though...

My mom's close friend has been helping us search for acting lessons or something that could help me in acting. She told us a few days ago that she found something called, North Carolina Shakespeare Festival. She emailed my mom the website so she could take a look at it. There is something on that website where for two weeks, you are trained in things like, stage combat, voice and text work, clowning, mask, music and dance. Then, after the training, there is a one night thing where you put on a 30 minute show.

When Mom looked at the application for this, there was only one problemo...........The price was $200. So just  a *little* out of our price range....

Mom really wanted me to be able to do this, because seriously, the trainers are professional and I would learn A LOT.

So yesterday, night (or either this morning) mom saw that her friend (the one who gave us the website and everything) had sent her another email, titled the same thing as the other email. Mom thought she accidentally sent the email again, but guess what?

She said for us not to worry about paying for this training; she and her husband would take care of it.

Oh. My. Gosh. I was SO EXCITED and SO THANKFUL! I mean, I was so not excepting that! It really made my day and I'm looking forward to the training in July!

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


Also, I was awarded by my sweet friend, Bleah @ With Love & Kisses.

I got the Creative Writer's Award.

The rule for getting this award, is you have to tell the person who gave you the award, how you found them on blogger and if you've ever written a song, music, a story, or poem.

Actually, I didn't find Bleah, she found me! I am so glad that we became bloggy friends though. She is so
awesome and so sweet! I would recommend her blog for ANYONE! In a fowl mood? Go visit her blog and you're bound to smile!

I have written a several stories. I mean, not the type that's like published into a book or anything, but just on my own, and stories for school.

I give this award to:


Mimi Dorn @ He & Me + 3


  1. That's probably really exciting for you!!

    Such a great post.

  2. Anna,

    That is so exciting. You are going to have so much fun and learn so much. Woo hoo!

  3. That is so awesome, Anna! I know you will love it! Keep reaching for your dreams, always!

  4. Awww...I'm so happy for you, Anna! You truly deserve this; and I am positive that you will have the most amazing time!! :)

  5. Thanks soo cool!! :) :) :)
    I'm so hapy for you!

  6. i tagged you over at my blog!

  7. Thank you Anna...you are so sweet.


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