Planting Chums

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

My bloggy chum Hannah is hosting Planting Chums over at her blog!  This is an awesome way to meet new people on blogger and well......make bloggy chums! After all, it is called, Planting Chums.

All you have to do for this week is post four random things about you! Head over to Hannah's blog for more info!

Sooo, here are four random things about me!

1) I LOVE little rodents! I have a little rodent myself. His name is Benji and he's a hamster. And nooooooo, he's not a rat. He is a hamster. Most girls freak out at the sight of rodents, but I think they are absolutley adorable! Especially hamsters.

2) I enjoy doing musical theatre! The last play I did was Cinderella last fall. It was TONS of fun too! The next play will be The Music Man.

This is a pic of my friends and me backstage for Cinderella
3) When I was 6 years old I ran 2 miles with my dad! No joke, you can ask him if you don't believe me! It was WAAAAAY tiring, but I did it!

4) I am in love with heels. High heels are probably one of THE BEST creations ever. If I could, without falling down and breaking my neck, I would totally wear a pair of 10" pumps.

Isn't it beautiful? It's not a 10" heel, but it's a 5" heel.

So those are four random things about me! Remeber to hop on over to Hannah's blog to participate and for more info!


Also, be sure to check out Lynnette Kraft's blog to win a CHAMPION JUICER! Click here to head over to the giveaway!


  1. LOL! I don't like rodents . .. eww! But I do like high heels!

    Nice to "e-meet" you!

  2. omigoodness, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE heels!! =D They're so totally AWESOME!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Anna! =) I love your blog so much, I'm gonna follow it! :D


  3. I lovee little animals :) I've had three mice (while I was growing up) and I have a rabbit now. So fun and cute!

  4. I just love reading random things about people! That's cool that you're into theater. My sister.in.law has been in many plays and loves'em!

  5. Cute picture. We love theater too. The next show the girls are auditioning for is Suessical.
    Wow on the heels. I would totally break every bone in my body. LOL

  6. Ah, this post made me adore you even more, Anna! I too am in love with little rodents. While I don't own any right now, I have owned rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs in the past. They are all such wonderful companions!

    And I am with you on the high heels...though I'm actually obsessed with wedges myself - I want to live in them!! :)

  7. I love heels too and I am 5'10" so they make me super tall, but I don't care, I still feel fab when I wear them :)

  8. Unlike you...I don't like rodents. Like, I freak out if I see a mouse. I guess I'm of the majority! ;)

  9. Hey Anna! Thanks for visiting my blog! I used to have hamsters growing up. They're so cute!

    I love the high heels! I'm 6 feet tall, and don't wear them often, but shoes make me drool...

    Loved your facts!

  10. Hi Anna! Thanks for stopping by Musings Aloud...I'm completely enamored with celebs so I love that my aunt at least has a small connection to the big screen and the small screen :-).

    I, too, love music and drama...my particular experience with music and theater together was when I played violin in the orchestra pit for a Les Miserables production.

    Have a blessed weekend!


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