Memorial Day!

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day on Monday. We definitely did! My brother went with a friend to a Memorial Day celebration, and my parents and I went to Wet n' Wild Water Park with a family we are good friends with.

Our friends and the three of us arrived at Wet n' Wild around 10:30, found a seat by the wave pool (it was extremely crowded!), got our stuff situated and then Beth, Breanna, and I did one slide. We waited like, 20 minutes JUST to get a tube to go down the slide. It was worth the wait though!

After we were done with the slide, we went back to the wave pool and were in it maybe 10 minutes. When we got out, guess what?


Noooo! The forecast did call for scattered thunderstorms, but I mean, it started POURING.

Luckily though, we got a rain check (which means that we can go back with the family another time for free).

Here are some pictures of us at the Wet n' Wild though..............

Beth, Breanna (middle) and me eating lunch in the parking lot
Daddy, (red swim trunks), Mom, and Beth and Breanna's parents

Haha! We couldn't resist having this picture of us taken by that hot, little purple dune buggy parked right beside our van!

Being Silly =)

We don't have any photos of us actually 'in' the park, but I DO, however, have a good bit of pics of us at their house..............
So when we left the park because of the storm, we headed on over to Beth and Breanna's house to hang out for the day.

We watched a movie (which I can't remember the name of), danced to Alejandro (a song) about a million times, had supper, talked, and had a downright great time!

Beth and me being goofy

My french manicured nails *(compliments of Wal-Mart and my mom putting them on)*

Beth playing with Jen.

Our feeeeeet! My foot (on top), Beth's foot, and Breanna's foot
Breanna and I (ignore how bad I look, I wasn't wearing makeup that day!)

Beth playing on Jen again


Beth with their adorable kitty, Rascal!

That's it for Memorial Day. We went to the zoo today and took a lot of pics too, so I will hopefully have those posted tomorrow or Saturday, =)

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. Bummer that it rained! Y'all are so cute though......looks like you had a good time anyways :)

  2. YOu are too cute. What a fun time. HOw neat to spend it with two friends at a water park. Cute pictures and your french manicure nails look so real and so great.

  3. your nails look adorable! it sounds like you had fun despite the rain. and, at least you get to go back!!!


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