Almost here....so close......

What is 'almost here' and 'so close?' The beach! Whoo hoo! We will be leaving Saturday morning for Folly Beach connected to Charleston. It is such a beautiful place to vacay. Aaaah, the pier, salty water, sandy/salty smelling air, sunsets on the horizon....everything.

One of the things I really look forward to, is mine and my uncle's birthday! Yep, we both share the same one. Mary Kate & Ashley and I share the same birthday (June 13th) as well. Last year, I got American Idols Live tickets from my fam. Boy, was I excited too! I totally did NOT expect to get them.

This year, for my 14th b-day, I'm going to get a mini room makeover and possibly, maybe, hopefully a second ear piercing. My mom and I are going to talk to my dad about that one. I'm crossing my fingers that he will give the ok.

Anyway, back to the beach (I always somehow manage to get off track when I'm posting about something specific).........................................

We are planning to do the horse and buggy ride again. Everyone enjoyed it and the price was halfway decent!

I honestly don't know what my favorite thing to do at the beach is. I enjoy boogy boarding in the ocean, taking walks on the beach, shopping downtown, etc etc etc.

Haha, I remember about 5 years ago at Folly Beach, we had a waiter at a restaurant named Slappy. Don't know how I remember that, but I do.

Where do you like to vacay?

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  1. Awesome! Well, I like to vacay in Florida, and Dad said we may be going to California in the next year or so, so then I guess that will be at the top of the list of places I like to travel to ;) Have a good time at the beach!!


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