Where Have I Been?!

How dare I just leave all you faithful followers in the dark! I haven't posted for what, 3 weeks or so? My last post was titled, "I'm Back!" and that could probably be the title for this post.

Well, I've been trying and trying and trying to get a slide show on a post, but let's just say the slide show and blogger don't seem to mesh well with each other. I told you all about three or four weeks ago that I would have pics from the beach, but that just might not happen (I am gonna keep trying though!).

We have been quite busy lately (which is partly why I haven't been blogging). This past Sunday, my mom, my brother, and I left for Greenwood, SC because my brother has an eye appointment in Atlanta each year. So instead of traveling allllll the way to Atlanta from here (Thomasville, NC), we go to my grandparents house in SC and my grandmother, brother, and mom travel to Atlanta usually two days after we arrive in SC. My dad didn't come along with us, because he had to work all week.

We celebrated the 4th by having a very good lunch and seeing fireworks later that night. I would say "I'll post pics of SC ASAP!" but since I haven't EVEN gotten beach pics/my b-day party pics on here, I'm not even gonna try to post SC pics yet.


Dance is going extremely well too! Ellen (our dance teacher) picked out a song a few weeks ago, and the dance is coming along really, really well. Our song is 5 Minutes of Fame by Barlow Girl. My favorite two parts of the dance are when  a few of us do stretching (standing on one foot and stretching the other leg straight up) and then when we do lifting (I'm a flyer). During the Night of Worship, someone comes and videos allllllllll the dances, so I can maybe (maaaybe!) try to put the dance I'm in on blogger!

Hope you guys have a great weekend and I will try my best to get beach pics/b-day party pics on here (in slide show version)!!!

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. Hey Anna!! Check out my blog for an awesome surprise!! ;D



  2. we've missed you so much! :)
    I've missed you so much! How have you been?

    YOu better keep in touch!
    With Love and Blessings,
    Belah Briann

  3. Glad you're enjoying dance..I would love to see a video of it!


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