I'm Back!

Well, we got back from Folly Beach, Saturday evening. Although we had a GREAT time there, it feels great to be back home again. I would tell you guys what we all did, but I have it in slide show version instead. Unfortunately though, I can't get the slide show on here, because the movie button isn't on here anymore! If any of you know if there is a way to find the movie button, please, please, please let me know.

We have had quite a busy week. Our church's VBS started Monday, and it is ending tomorrow. Instead of it being in our church though (because it's Kyle Petty's barn), it is in Becky/Renee's yards (they go to our church)! They live in a humongous  neighborhood, and their yards are very spacious. In fact, they are only two houses down from each other! Our theme this year is Joseph in Egypt. I absolutely, wholeheartedly, LOVE helping with this. I have a shop in the 'marketplace.' The people who have a shop in the marketplace have to act as if they actually live in Egypt. My shop is beading hair, doing eye makeup, and 'shaving' the boys (with a dull butter knife and olive oil!). My character's name is Jamilia and I believe in 'gods.' With some of our characters believing in the 'gods' and not the one true God, this gives the kids a chance to stand up for what they believe in and witness to us (even though in real life we all, of course, believe in the one true God).

I am so excited for this coming Friday, too! What is this coming Friday? My birthday party, of course! My actual birthday was this past Sunday (it was another great one!). My birthday party theme is Anna Gray's 14th Birthday Lake Luau. For supper, we are going to have chicken and pineapple kabobs, cantaloupe and watermelon kabobs, strawberry and banana kabobs, pasta salad, baked potatoes, and cupcakes. My grandmother was sweet enough to let us use her lake front house/pontoon/sea doo for my party. She LOVES girls too! She raised two boys (my dad and his brother, who has passed away). I will definitely make sure to post photos of my party.

Speaking of my birthday, I should tell you all how we celebrated it this passed Sunday at the beach! First off, my uncle Grayson and I both share the same birthday (Mary - Kate and Ashley and I do too!). So Sunday morning, we started off opening gifts.

From my grandparents I got: three pairs of earrings, a super cute pocket book, a fashion hat, Clinique makeup remover, and makeup remover pads.

From my aunt and uncle: An itunes gift card and some money

From my parents: My second ear piercing (I got it two weeks ago as an early b-day present) and my room makeover (we haven't actually 'done' the makeover yet, but Mom and I are going to shop for the stuff sometime soon).

After we opened our gifts, we went down to the ocean for a few hours, I got sun burnt (on my face, shoulders, back, ears, legs and arms) and then we went to Sticky Fingers for supper. So yes, it was a great birthday for both of us!

Hope you all have had a great week!

♥ Happy Blogging ♥


  1. your back, I'm back... yay! The blogger world has been balanced out again!

    LOL... we rock, you do know that right? So how are you????

    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann

  2. You are welcome....I thought of you this morning and decided to blog about you! Your friend-Bailey

  3. Happy birthday! Your party sounds like it was amazing :) (I'm guessing it's already happened, right?)

  4. I hope you had an awesome birthday!! Sorry I haven't been here in so long. :)

  5. Awwww.....Happy Birthday Anna! I am so sorry I missed this post! I hope you had a really fun one!!!

  6. Yayay! I'm so glad you're back, Anna! You were sorely missed during your time away; nevertheless, I'm glad to hear that you had a fabulous vacay!

    Happy, Happy 4th of July!! :)


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