Miscellany Monday....a few Random Thoughts

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1) The Night of Worship was Saturday night. I have taken a Christian dance ministry through the summer and instead of calling the big night a recital, we call it the Night of Worship because it's about dancing for Jesus and not people. It went great and if I'm being honest, it felt more worshipful than even going to church!

2) School starts back tomorrow. Well...home school group starts back tomorrow (Yup, I'm home schooled). Part of me is excited (because I get to see my friends again!) but then the other part of me..is...well...not so excited, and we'll leave it at that! ;)

3) Auditions for The Music Man are in two weeks! Yipeeeee! I am so excited for auditions and I have been practicing my song for the tryouts. I'm either going to sing It's Possible from Cinderella the musical; or Bubbly by Colbie Caillet and I'm going to tryout for a Pickalittle Lady.

4) Never watch Jeepers Creepers at night, because it's *ahem* creepy.

5) A very nutritious, healthy, yummy lunch is spinach mixed with southwestern beans and salsa. Very yummy!

6) If I were a shoe I think I would be this pair:

7) If you desperately need to laugh, just look at this:

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  1. Hahaa! I love the picture of John McCain and that 'other guy' lol

  2. I love the Obama picture...haha...I'm almost on the floor laughing..! Too funny...Bailey

  3. Ooh, those shoes are adorbs!

    Good luck at school, my love!! :)

  4. I just had to say thank you so much for your sweet comment about my new profile picture; you completely made my day!! :)

  5. Hahahha this post is great! Love the miscellany! Um those shoes are so cute...love them and pink eeeeeeeeee perfect :0)

    LOL at the Obama/McCain Picture that made me laugh really hard how funny....

    Good luck with your audition, I pray you get the part you want!!

    Dance is fun....I bet it is more so that it has worship mixed in with it....

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet notes....oh and adding my button....so sweet

    I am a new follower your blog is super cute BTW


  6. You are too funny. That picture is hilarious. Love those pink shoes. CUTE
    Good luck with auditions. I mean Break a leg!

  7. Awesome shoes! Hope school goes well!!!


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