Once Upon a Time...

There was a ten year old girl who had a spectacular dream. It was big. It was huge. It was positively perfect. Her dream was to become an actress and live in Los Angeles, California and meet lots of famous people. This girl would walk down the red carpet in a sparkly evening gown and stilettos and pose left and right for the bright, flashing lights of the paparazzi. She would adore having her picture taken from them. She knew it. This would be such a lovey life. This girl would walk down the glorious streets of Los Angeles and people would rush towards her pleading for just one autograph. This was her dream.


However, there was just one teensy tiny problem....she wasn't an actress....yet. How could she live that magnificent dream if she wasn't an actress? How would she walk down the red carpet, meet famous people, live in California, and have people beg and plead for an autograph? There was one solution.

She would start off by doing theatre. This girl's first play was The Wizard of Oz when she was eleven years old, and was cast a munchkin. Though she just loved being on stage for four nights and being in the spot light, she decided that she would never again do theatre. She was stuck in a dreadful dressing room full of nine and ten year olds. They were entirely too obnoxious, and this girl even had a cast member regurgitate right in front of her. No, she would never ever do theatre again...until...

Two years later she decided to give it another shot. The play was Cinderella and she would just give theatre one. last. chance. This girl absolutely, wholeheartedly, adored doing this play. She even got a speaking part. After the wonderful experience, she knew that she would continue to participate in the theatre no matter how horrible the experience was.

She recently auditioned for The Music Man as well and is ecstatic about what is to come of it!

This girl still dreams of living in California, walking down red carpet, having people beg and plead for autographs, meeting lots of famous people, and even have the paparazzi snap this picture and that picture.

BUT, she's going to allow God to lead her there...one step at a time.

Jeremiah 29:11


  1. I love this post!!!

    It's so true how we need God to take over and have us do what He thinks is best for our lives. :) "One step at a time."

  2. thats awesome anna! :) I felt a little bit of your heart.


  3. What a perfect story. You can do it, Anna; I just know that you'll have the fairytale (err...Hollywood) ending you've dreamed of!! :)


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