2011 Wishes

2010 has just flown by and now it is time to head into 2011. As we head into this new year, I plan to fulfill the following...

  • Purchase the Nikon D3000 and Lightroom
  • Open up my online boutique
  • Have my goal of at least 100 followers on blogger
  • Learn how to cook chicken (don't laugh....ok fine, go ahead)
  • WIN Mock Trial
  • Figure out how to work Print Shop
  • Do some sort of acting class (I am so ready to do something with acting besides musical theatre)

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Don't drink too much! ;)


  1. Sounds like great goals, Anna!! Hope you have the best 2011!

  2. Oh my...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win Mock Trial...it would make m year! Bailey

  3. Hello there. I just found your blog, and I think it looks...well...pretty great! Love the design. Also, about the D3000, once you purchase it, you will be happy. I got the D3000 for Christmas this year :)

  4. Love those goals, Anna dear. I'm really excited for your online boutique!

  5. Sounds like good goals. I really did love my D3000. It was an awesome camera to learn on. Good luck with everything!

  6. Thank you so much for praying for me!! its means a lot to me :)

    Happy 2011!!

    with love,


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