What the Future Holds...

2011 holds so many things. Things that are exciting, nerve racking, fun, blah, interesting, and so much more. American Idol will be coming on in a few weeks, my sewing class is starting next week, home-school group starts back next week, I will be doing mock trial (gags), experiencing flying on a jet for the first time (along with Disney World for the first time), (hopefully) going on vacation, purchasing my Nikon D3000 AND Lightroom. Honestly, 2011 is probably the year I have been most excited about!


Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when I posted about having those awful cramps? Well, we called the doctor, made and appointment and everything, and what do ya know? The cramps went completely away about a week or two before the appointment scheduled. I would like to thank you guys for all of the prayers and most of all, God!

Also, about a week or two ago, I noticed that my little hamster Benji was abnormally bloated on his sides. I knew it wasn't him suddenly getting pudgy or anything, so my dad and I took him to the vet. The veterinarian said that it was a bacterial infection in his (Liver or kidneys....can't remember which one) and gave him some cherry flavored medicine for it. So if you guys would, please keep little Benji in your prayers.

(I nominated Benji to be 'Pet of the Day' on this site, and he was! Like his little badge on the photo?)

What are your plans for 2011?


  1. Glad you're feeling better and I just said a prayer for little Benji!

  2. Well...you are right...2011 is going to be a lot different but I'm excited for things to get started up again.
    My plans for 2011...hmm...well, I'd like to be able to take a few trips around the United States, spend a lot of time with my friends (like usual) and get a job and help my business to grow. (:

    your BFF,
    Silicone :-p

  3. Benji is so cute...hope he feels better soon! Glad you're feeling better too!! Hope you have a great year....sounds like you will!


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