I have had quite an exciting week (and week ahead!). I am currently working on a makeup bag in my sewing class and I feel giddy as I pin pins to the pattern/material and cut away. It is so refreshing to see a nice finish and see all of the icky frayed edges of the material off. Next step...actually sewing it! Whoo hoo!

Today I got an email from the lovely, Olivia at HorseFeathers saying that I had won a blog makeover! Umm....HORRAY! I am going to have my little boutique redesigned and I totally know that Olivia will do a wonderful job.

This weekend my two amazing friend and I are going to participate in a program at The Shakespeare Festival. I did a two week acting camp there this past summer, and had a great experience!

I made an epic, four layer, rainbow cake for my mom's 43rd birthday!

I successfully drew Angelina Jolie (ok so don't look too close at it.) ;D

What exciting things have happened this week for you?


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