Small Prayer Request

This isn't anything huge that I need your prayers for, but I could still use them. Since yesterday (Thursday) I have just been feeling...blaaaah. Blah as in, weak feeling and feeling ultra weary. Apparently the flu has been going around our home-school group and we are thinking that I have the touch of it (Ack!). I had a very, very, very low grade fever this afternoon and have just been kinda...hangin' in there. I was planning on attending my friend'ssemi-formal party tomorrow night (which would be my first one) but now I am not able to because of this icky virus...or whatever I have.

If you all would keep me in your prayers that would be lovely.

Thanks! :)


  1. I will pray for you!

    You could pray for our family, too -- we have 7 kids and 3 of them are sick, plus we have a baby, and it could be dangerous for him to get sick. I'd appreciate a prayer or two. :D

    ~Lulu Maggie~

  2. Pray that you definitely feel better soon!! God bless you so much :)


  3. Hope you feel better soon! I said a prayer for you! Kaylee was not feeling good tonight either and had a fever. :( I think it's going around everywhere!

  4. Just prayed for you!! feel better soon <3


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