Of Cameras and Lightroom

I am very proud to say that I have half of the money saved up for the Nikon D3000! Yep -  that's right, the halfway mark. I have been taking chunks of my pay from babysitting it and placing it in the little baggy with the title '$$$ for Nikon D3000' on it. Who knows, I may have it in March and then again, it may be a bit later than that. But either way, I am definitely going to have it before the summer!

And I thought that was exciting just WAIT until you hear this!

I found a website. Where you can buy. Photoshop Lighroom. For only. $100

Wait...what? Really? Seriously? YES! You can purchase one for about $90 or buy the upgraded version for around $100. Is that awesome or what? What's also great is that is is not a scam! Nope. Not at all. Still don't believe me? Then click here.

Also, thank you all very much for your prayers for me. You don't know how much I appreciated them and I feel so much better now. Apparently I had a touch of the flu (ya know - weary, weak feeling, headaches, blah). So thank you all for the prayers! :)


  1. Oh, that's wonderful, Anna! I'm sure you'll have the money saved up in no time. ;) And wow... I may have to look into that website!


  2. So glad you are feeling better and so happy that the $$$ is adding up to get your camera. It will be a real treasure to you for sure! Sweet blessings to you!

  3. You will absolutely *love* your Nikon D3000 when you get it! I got a D3000 for Christmas last year. It's epic ;)


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