Chic, No?

So...do you notice anything (hint, hint) different about Bella Vita? If you don't, I suggest going to get your eyes checked.

I owe a huge thank you to Olivia for designing it. She did such a wonderful job and I would highly, highly suggest her for a blog design. She was quick and gave my blog a chic and elegant look! Oh and did I mention that she is very patient with the whole process?

Click here to go to her adorable little blog designing boutique.

As for me, I haven't been up to much lately. Just doing the usual...ya know...school, home school group, searching around the web for commercial/TV auditions in Charlotte, NC (as in, hoping to audition to be a background person). Any tips for auditions or how to pursue a career in acting?


  1. oh wow... it's beautiful. I love your post divider/signature. :)

    No denying it.. that girl has talent! :D


  2. As a model and actress myself, I do commercials and the like too... My #1 recommendation is to GET AN AGENT. Google for model and talent agencies in your area. Make sure it's not a scam, and that the agent takes a percentage of your profit rather than you directly paying her.

  3. Love the new look. Very Chic =]


  4. My kids have an agent. But one thing to remember is the legit agencies do not charge you money to represent you...they take a percentage when they get you a job. Good luck. Check craigslist.org in your area to look for extra jobs for movies. There are alot of them out there. You can also build your resume by working with the local college kids that are writing and directing their own short films/videos. Hope that helps a bit.
    Love the blog look too.


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