Jammin' at Winter Jam 2011

My three friends and I went to Winter Jam 2011 last night and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! This year the number of people that attended broke a record....21,000 people! Honestly, when we got there, we thought we were going to get really crappy seats but no...we got (in my opinion) the best seats EVER. We sat behind the stage on the first and second row. We saw everyone singing just fine, and we even smuggled autographs!

The bands/singers that were there are the following:

Chris Sligh

Chris August

Sidewalk Prophets


Francesca Battistelli

David Crowder





Tony Nolan (speaker not singer or performer)

                                    The lead singer of Sidewalk Prophets (he was soooo friendly!)

The lead singer of Newsboys (Michael Tate) made eye contact with us and blew us kisses...twice!

Because of where we were sitting, we actually were able to interact with the bands and it felt more personal than if we had been sitting at the front of the stage. We saw the bands go up on stage, leave the stage, walk around behind the stage. It was seriously awesome. And epic. One of the singer's there (a rapper...KJ-52) was walking around and we would wave to him, talk to him in a span of about five seconds, have him sign our papers, and a guy who rapped with him was starting the human wave.

At intermission we saw this hottie signing
(Chris August)

We would lean over the bars, wave our papers like psychos and get the band member's attention
(lead singer of Newsong)

After the show...

(Lead singer of Kutless...Jon Micah)

(Chris Sligh)

My favorite beyond favorite part of the night was this:

While the Newsboys were on stage (they were the last band to perform) the drummer would randomly throw his drum sticks behind him because they would get beaten up (he was going crazy on that drum set!) and quickly get a new pair. And once when he threw one behind him, it started rolling...and inching it's way towards the end of the stage...and inching....and inching...and then it stopped. Then a backstage worker came to get it and almost EVERYONE on the row we were on were leaning over and stretching their arms out pleading him to keep it. He looked at each of us, and handed it to....me! I was ecstatic. You would have thought someone had just given me one hundred dollars.

What's even better is that after we were on our way back from the concert (and stopped by Krispy Kreme to get a doughnut) I saw that the drum stick had been autographed by the drummer with a sharpie AND the drum stick smelled like cologne! Yes, I smell...well...lots of things.

Sorry this was so long. I tend to over type and not write very nicely when I am excited about something. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I love going to winter jam. Its amazing. They had some great bands this year and I'm glad that the newsboys came back =] The drummer is CRAZY! lol. Glad you had fun! Sounds like you had great seats!!


  2. Oh girl this brings back memories of my younger days. I was fun and crazy like you are ...you know to ask for autographs and talk to the singers. You are too cute. Way to go meeting so many and getting a drum stick :) whoo hoo.


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