One Word Wednesday - Nostalgic

One Word Wednesday at Aspire

When I saw that this week's word was Nostalgic, I must say, I worried a little bit (considering I had to *cough* find a synonym for the word...). After I read Hannah's post though and she explained a bit about what nostaligic means, I perked up like a wilted flower after it gets it's water.

One of my fondest memories of my young childhood days, is when I would recieve a brand new Barbie doll (in this case, a Barbie horse). Let me pause for a moment. I actually do consider this to be bittersweet because think about it, you go from playing with little plastic toys when you were little, to becoming a teenager and your *ahem* toy being something like an itouch, laptop, makeup brushes, etc.

I can remember opening up a Barbie doll (or in this case, once again, a horse) and getting strong whiffs of that plasticy, delightful smell; and then combing it's soft, silky hair.

Is this a weird bittersweet memory? Neh...

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  1. I think it's sweet as it can be...definitely a great fit with the theme!

    It makes me remember the excitement I used to get when tearing into all that cardboard and plastic on a birthday or Christmas--and the impatience as Barbie was always 'chained' to the box with that twisty wire that took ages to untwine. ;) Oh well, the wait was worth it in the end.

  2. Same here! I have such great memories of playing Barbie's and I loved getting new ones!!

  3. I had that exact same barbie horse when I was little- I got it for my birthday and I promised to myself that I would comb her (his?) hair for the rest of my life so that it wouldn't get impossibly tangly like plastic doll hair tends to do! Sweet memories!


  4. I had that when I was younger too and I loved it!(:

  5. Loved Barbies as a little girl. Played with them until I was 12 years old. :)


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