Confession: I was inspired by the lovely Carlotta to do a confessions post!

Confession: I am seriously thinking about purchasing a venom extractor (go ahead, call me a nerd, laugh, it's ok).

Confession: I NEED to stop biting my nails...once and for all. Ick.

Confession: I hate Algebra.

Confession: The word Epic is beginning to be a normal use of my vocabulary (somebody help!).

Confession: I had to ask my dad what the word Swoon meant.

Confession: Ok, so this isn't exactly a 'confession' but....
I am about one hundred dollars away from being able to purchase my beautiful camera! {Swoon...*wink*} Next is buying Lightroom and a lens and I'm all set!
Confession: I still hate Algebra.

Confession: In my spare time I do THIS:

^Yes, I randomly put on colored lipsticks and kissed notebook paper. Therapy for Anna Gray? Neh...

Do you any confessions or musings?


  1. You're too funny!

    Yay for being closer to purchasing your new camera!

    I don't really care for algebra either...

  2. Cute, cute entry and hey, I use to kiss notebook paper with lipstick on when I was your age too. :o) What memories! Blessings!

  3. I love that last picture- too funny! Also, congratulation on being so close to your camera! :D

  4. I clicked this post because the t-shirt picture caught my eye...and my first thought was "Me too!" haha;)

  5. Fun! Wow...only $100 bucks away...you must be able to smell that new camera smell ;)


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