On Friday Evenings...

...while your parents are out on a date...

...while it's just you and your brother...

...it is the perfect time to...

...bake homemade brownies...

...Listen to music...

^(And practice taking screen shots while I'm at it!)

...Create sets on Polyvore...

Birds & Bows

...And relax...

How are you spending this Friday night?


  1. Such a cute, cute entry! Hubby and I are chillin in our recliners.

    Easter blessings to you!

  2. OH MAN! I want to come over now! haha. :) Well - it's kinda crazy here.. but there's clicking of ice cream scooping in the kitchen.. one sibling is at volleyball.. two others are watching some good old TV shows.. and then Dad is downstairs barely able to move after almost being killed by a cow earlier.. thankfully he didn't break his leg and an ER visit wasn't needed.. but some broken ribs and some bad bruising and then lots of swelling is happening... and we are SO thankful he is okay.. and then my sister and I have a huge meat judging competition tomorrow so haha yeah our Friday is kinda wacked :P

  3. I WANT THOSE BROWNIES!! *Gollum voice* They are the precious ;)
    How am I spending my Friday night? I'm at my best friends house :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Those brownies look so good. I spent most of my evening at the House of Prayer worshipping and praising Jesus. Now I am watching The Lord of the Rings, Two Towers, with my son.

  5. I absolutely adore this post, Anna - it is perfection! :)


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