Confession: I think that Cat Deeley has the best hair. Ever. It's just so...long and...blond...and wavy...and beautiful. Oh and did I mention that she has the best hair; Ever?


Confession: Once I am a multi-millionaire, I am totally going to live in Battery Park located in historic Charleston.

And speaking of historic Charleston...It seems like yesterday that we were there (well, technically Folly Beach that kind of connects with Charleston) and turning fourteen years old. My point? In less than a MONTH (on June 13th) I will be turning fifteen years old. Eeep!

^Ignore the red legs, tan arms and pasty white face, thank you very much.

 And while I am rambling on about Charleston (I know, I know, what happened too posting confession?) just look at that beautiful scenery (not the man guys, not the man). We did the horse and buggy ride last year and it is so relaxing.

Back to confessions *cough cough*


Confession: Getting wickedly mean and disrespectful anonymous comments makes you want to start cussing.(Tame yourself Anna Gray, tame yourself!). I'm just sayin'.   "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse" (Romans 12:14)

Confession: I spent two hours at the bank today...I was originally going to just open up one account. Turns out I opened up three. Goodness.

Confession: I am *really* hoping that Lauren and Scotty make it to the top two on American Idol tonight. I'm crossing my fingers!

Confession: Bruno Mars makes my heart melt. Or as Rebecca Bloomwood would say, "Like warm butter sliding off of hot toast." I am also in love with his new song The Lazy Song.
Do you have any ramblings or confessions? Do tell...


  1. Ha, I absolutely love the last confession...I, too, have a deep love for Bruno Mars ;)
    And, I love the rest of the confessions, too. :)

  2. Well girl...you hope came true on AI! I love those two as well.
    Wow 15! I remember when I was 15! It was a great year!
    Charleston is so beautiful...so i hear and see from pictures. My SIL lives there!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Ooh, Battery Park looks so charming - I love it! You must be so excited for your birthday - any special plans?


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