beautiful ending (by Amanda)

Good morning, dear readers. This is Amanda - I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Anna today. It was a combination of...
"Oh wow, I get to post on Blogger again!"
"Wwwordpress? Where are you?"

However, I am not invading Anna's blog in order to post about the Blogger and Wordpress monsters. Nor am I trying to convert you into Wordpress fanatics. Pinky promise. 

This song has been playing in my head all day - I thought I'd share. It's called Beautiful Ending, by Barlowgirl.
Oh, tragedy
Has taken so many
Love lost cause they all
Forgot who You were
And it scares me to think
That I would choose
My life over You
Oh, my selfish heart
Divides me from You
It tears us apart
So tell me
What is our ending?
Will it be beautiful
So beautiful?
Instead of reading a really long post, go watch this video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghgpz0IWV0E
Here's hoping that you have an amazing day, and that we all realize that our own beautiful ending is in Him alone.


  1. glad you came back to the dark ages to post this awesome song, amanda!! ;)

  2. First off, I am with Sarah; I'm glad ya came back to the dark ages. Ha! Now for some reason my *very* naive computer would not load or let me watch the video. Urg. However, just those few lyrics you listed are VERY powerful. Love! ^_^


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