me with Him. (a guest post by Abigail Grace)

Tonight, I witnessed a glorious lightning storm. It forced the earth to tremble under its bright electric bursts, as it sang its silent songs of danger through the night sky. Something so utterly massive and mysterious awakens a spirit of awe in me--something inside of my soul wants to relish the feeling of looming danger, because the greater the display, the smaller I seem...and the larger my Father becomes to me.

I think sometimes we, in the shackles of our flawed and human perception, lose perspective on how incredibly limitless God is. These things--like unbelievable displays of lightning shooting wildly through the sky, or endless clouds bending over the planet--seem so amazingly large-scale. Yet, in reality, God is Master of even the most powerful of these situations.

Tonight, I felt as if God was telling me to realize His existence; not simply through my vision and perspective, but in my walk and my example. I, like anyone, often find myself placing far too much importance on my reputation, and how I look to other people. But, isn’t that counterproductive? If I am ever to live a life that glorifies Christ in every way, it needs to start with the death of me. Not the death of my personality...not the death of my humanity or vulnerability...simply, death to the “me” that wants to claim the glory that my soul earnestly desires to turn back to the Light. Humanity keeps us humble, and humility shows humanity’s ever-present thirst for a Perfecter.

My God is that Perfecter. When I acknowledge my weakness, His essence becomes stronger and richer in its exuding from such irony. I am no longer what I was; I am me...with Him. That makes all the difference.


  1. GREAT thought provoking post, abigail!!

  2. Beautifully written....I loved it! Thanks Abigail!

  3. Beautiful. Inspirational. Powerful.
    Love you, precious daughter of mine.

  4. Amen! Love this, Abigail! Beautiful<3

  5. Oh me, oh my. Beautiful post miss Abigail! This was very inspiring and YOU are truly an inspiration to me and a person I highly look up to! Lovely job, friend! ^_^

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You amaze me!

  7. I loved this post! And I am praising God! Thanks <3

    Abigail's Grandma Linda

  8. Just beautiful. Love love love LOVE!



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